The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society

St Peter Port Harbour - "I have a job at St.Peter Port harbour" Page 56 Letter from Eben Ramsey to Juliet (accurately) describes events of 28th and 30th June 1940. Also page 107 Eben describes evacuation of the children on the 19th and 20th June

Fountain Street - "Oh, there were hundreds of German soldiers, and they were shopping. Arm in arm they went, strolling along Fountain Street," Page 122 Letter from Isola to Juliet

Sausmarez Street - "I'd make my way down to the German's brothel on Sausmarez Street" Page 150 Letter from Henry Toussant to Juliet

Grange Lodge Hotel - "All Jews to report to Grange Lodge Hotel". Page 80 Letter from John Booker to Juliet

La Bouvee Farm - La Bouvee Farm, is in La Bouvee lane where Dawsey Adams lived (Les Vaux Laurens), and "Sir Ambrose owned a home in Guernsey, on the cliff tops near La Bouvee

Little Chapel - "Dawsey took me to a tiny church, every inch of which is a mosaic of broken china and smashed pottery." Page 145 Letter from Juliet to Sidney

La Corbiere - "We were walking down to La Corbiere to see the fishing boats come in." Page 109 Letter from Eben to Juliet The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Dolmen - "Guernsey is very beautiful in all its variety-fields, woods, hedgerow, manors, dolmens, wild cliffs, witches corners, Tudor houses and Norman stone cottages." Page 145 Letter from Juliet to Sidney

North Esplanade - "North Esplanade was filled with Germans too". P.123 letter from Isola to Juliet

Guernsey Market - "I kept pigs and grew vegetables for the St.Peter Port Markets."

Town Hospital - "Dr.Osmond said I must go down to the Town Hospital and have my head shaved". Page 125 Letter from Anne Frobisher to Juliet

Sausmarez Manor - Sausmarez Manor Mentioned. Possibly "Le Fort Manor" Page 79 Letter from John Booker to Juliet

Fermain Cliff Path - We all walked together into St.Peter Port. We took the cliff path by Fermain Bay. It's beautiful, a rugged path that wanders up and around the headland." Page 222 Letter from Juliet to Sidney The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Animal Shelter - "The States gathered them round into trucks and took them to St.Andrews Animal Shelter, and those people put them to sleep. Page 124 Letter from animal lover to Juliet

St. Brioc - "We were all at St.Brioc School to have the children get ready for the buses to take them down to the ships." (There was no school at St Brioc in real life, but this house called St.Brioc) Page 110 Letter from Isola to Juliet

The Crown - "I am heaving slates for the Crown Hotel's new roof" Page 33 Letter from Dawsey to Juliet

The Pollet - "Shop windows on Smith Street and the Pollet are sparkling clean and beginning to fill up with new goods."

Candie Gardens - "We started to go along Candie Gardens and there everything changed carnival to nightmare." Page 123 Letter from Isola to Juliet

Calais Lane - Eben Ramsey's address was Les Pommiers, Calais Lane

Underground Hospital - "Hitler was fanatical about fortifying these islands. He ordered large gun emplacements, anti-tank walls on the beaches, hundreds of bunkers and batteries, arms and bomb depots, miles and miles of underground tunnels, a huge underground hospital, and a railway across the island to carry materials." Page 92 Letter from Amelia Maugery to Juliet

Rue des Fontenelles - "She used to have a big gloomy old house out on the cliffs near La Fontenelle." Page 126 Letter from Sally Anne Frobisher to Juliet

La Grande Havre - "Peter lives in a nursing home near La Grande Havre in the Vale." Page 187 Letter from Juliet to Sidney