Terms and Conditions

Due to unforeseen weather conditions, views as illustrated, may not be available.
Due to unforeseen circumstances (road closures etc.) the routes or itineraries may change without notice.
Due to unforeseen circumstances (sickness, car breakdown etc.) an alternative accredited guide will be substituted. If this is not possible, the tour would need to be cancelled . In either case you would be notified by email with as much notice as possible, so you can make alternative arrangements. “Taxitours (Mike Mauger)” will not be liable for any costs this may incur.
If extra time or stops are requested which extend the time of the tour, the tour reverts to an hourly rate.
It is not always possible to extend a tour without prior notice.
" Taxitours (Mike Mauger)" accepts no responsibility for any accident, injuries or any liabilities caused to or by passengers for any reason whatsoever when out of the vehicle."